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  • Pet Medication Stores Online

    Fleas and ticks carry diseases like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever that can be transmitted to your dog or cat. Indoor pets are fairly safe from these pests but any pet that goes outside should be treated to ward off bugs. Full Story »

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    Online Pet Medication Tips

    If you have a dog, chances are you have faced that dog running off at least once in the time you have owned him.  They don’t run off because they want to escape your loving home, but rather because they are chasing a tantalizing scent. Sometimes they get lost or are picked up by someone else, and thus they do not come home.  This can be quite traumatizing for you, the owner.  However, there are some safety steps you can take to keep your dog from running away, and to find him if he does escape. Full Story »

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    What Are Lifestyle Pets?

    All over the world, there are animal lovers who are unable to spend time with the animals that they so enjoy due to allergies. If the individual is around animals that they have an allergic reaction to, sometimes the result is a minor reaction, but other times the reaction is more severe. As a result, there is now a market that caters to people who are trying to locate and secure an allergy free pet for their home. Full Story »

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    Allergy Free Pets

    You may have heard of the popular new designer pet called an allergy free pet. You may also have a lot of questions regarding which types of pets fall under this category- is there an allergy free cat? How about an allergy free dog? You may be surprised to know that allergy free pets are most naturally so.  An allergy free pet is a specially bred animal that has either little or no allergic affect on allergy sufferers. Full Story »